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There is no doubt that leading world economies, corporate entities and business persons today are in dire need of a conducive legal frame work and/or judicial system in order to do business in a particular country. To this effect, there is no other partner more reliable than an honest lawyer. ASHUKEM &Co LAW FIRM will be a sure partner to accompany you through and to give you the opportunity and the possibility to meet the team of well furnished Barristers, Solicitors, paralegal staff, tax lawyers and customs and excise specialists to provide you the adequate legal directives in any field of business you are engaged in. Our law firm has both the mastery and know how to do the job and we have proven our worth in various areas of the law and offered services to both corporate entities and individuals. We have served companies throughout the CEMAC region which comprises of Cameroon, Gabon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Congo Republic and throughout Africa even beyond. Internationally our law firm is renowned for arbitration, dispute resolutions and negotiations therefore saving our clients from engaging in not only time wasting court cases but costly too. These are goals we have set forth and will continue to preserve in order to make our law firm a place of reference.

Victor Agbor Ashu

Attorney -at-Law

Head of the Firm